Financial Hardship

For one reason or another, many Australians experience Financial Hardship at some point in their life. We are here for you to talk to us if you ever feel the need to reach out regarding your situation.

Unloan Lending Team


What is Financial Hardship?

Changes happen in life which can make the cost of living very difficult, or in some cases, impossible to manage. This can be due to a loss of a job within a household, injury or illness, domestic violence, natural disasters, or relationship breakdowns. When one of these (or similar) substantial life changes happen, it can be a good idea to get in contact with any business which regular payments are made to, to talk about how they can help through Financial Hardship options.

How can Unloan help with Financial Hardship?

Every situation is treated differently and is based on individual circumstances. For some it might mean a reduction or pause on repayments for a month or two, but for others there may be a different plan. Pausing a loan can help in the short term to allow life to return to normal, however, interest may still grow on paused loans. It’s best to resume paying loans again when possible, and we can help you work towards this.

How to get support

To help out and find the best solution for the situation, we may need information about income and expenses, as well as documentation which supports your financial hardship situation (e.g. a medical certificate or employment separation certificate). All discussions are treated with sensitivity and a designated representative may be able to discuss your request with us if you prefer, such as a financial counsellor or family member.

You can talk to us about Financial Hardship in any of the following ways:
Email -
SMS - 0488 844 877
Call - 1300 630 000

There may be other services which can assist your situation. See our listings of external support services.