Apply in minutes

Applying for a home loan has never been this easy. The Unloan application experience is designed for simplicity and speed.

Digital smarts that make your application easier.

At Unloan, we believe in using the latest technology to make your home loan experience easier.

Automated Property Valuation

We digitally assess your property's value using CommBank's industry-leading automated valuations technology.

Digital Credit Check

We perform a credit check during your application and display the results for you to check, saving you time.

Digital Financial Verification

(Coming soon) After you provide details of your income and expenses, we use Open Banking to digitally verify your financials.

Biometric Identity Check

Don't worry about having to book appointments. We use modern biometric technology to confirm you are the person pictured in the ID you provide.

Digital Signature

Unloan provides a digital home loan contract that is e-signed on your phone or desktop.

Digital Settlement

Finalise your loan without the paper. In most cases, the entire settlement process can be completed on your favourite device.