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What happens when your fixed rate ends?

As your fixed-rate ends, you can explore new fixed rates, renegotiate, or refinance with other banks and lenders.
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How can I apply as a CommBank customer?

Unloan is built by Australia's leading bank, CommBank. You can apply via our website
Can I increase my home loan repayments?
When it comes to increasing your home loan repayments, it generally depends on your repayment type.
Can Unloan refinance multiple properties?
You can refinance multiple properties to Unloan as long as the total of the loans doesn’t exceed ten million dollars.
How do I make additional repayments?
Additional repayments can be an effective way to reduce your interest over time and pay off your loan faster.
What does refinancing mean?
It’s when you replace your existing mortgage with a new one. Wave goodbye to your old loan terms and switch to a new home loan.

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