Is Unloan Part of CommBank?

Unloan is built by Australia's leading bank, CommBank. We believe home loans should be easy to get and easier to live with.

Unloan is part of the Commonwealth Bank. Our home loan has been developed and backed with the financial strength and modern banking technology of CommBank – Australia's leading bank.

We believe home loans should be easy to get and easier to live with. We've built a home loan with low variable rates, an increasing discount, and an easy online application process.

Why now?

Now more than ever, people are choosing to take direct control of their financial futures. Customers know they are best placed to determine which home loan is the right one for them.

Digital-only providers, like Unloan, are putting more power back into customers' hands. We've designed Unloan to meet this need, while combining our world-class digital customer experience with outstanding customer service and support.

Built on modern technology foundations, Unloan strips away many of the complexities seen in more traditional lending options with a digital experience that allows customers to complete their application in minutes.

This means that Unloan can provide the best of both worlds — the security, experience and resources of the Commonwealth Bank, combined with a world-class customer experience.

Can I apply for Unloan as a CommBank customer?

Our home loan offerings aren’t available through CommBank. They may have built and backed us, but the only way to home loan with us is to applying via

Unloan is a division of Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Content is general information only. Applications are subject to credit approval, satisfactory security and minimum deposit requirements.

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