What Is Comprehensive Credit Reporting?

Everything you need to know about Comprehensive Credit Reporting, also known as CCR.

Comprehensive Credit Reporting also known as CCR, is a reporting system, where credit providers, like us, are required to share certain customer information with the credit reporting bosies to be included in their credit reports.

This information we share with credit reporting bodies, amongst other information, includes:

  • The type of credit you have (e.g. home loan, credit card)
  • The date the credit account was opened and the date it was closed
  • The maximum amount of credit available
  • Repayment history information (RHI) - which records over a 24-month period, if account payments were made on time or not
  • Financial hardship information and whether you're keeping to the terms of that arrangement

What does Comprehensive Credit Reporting mean for me?

Under CCR, credit providers share both positive and negative information. This information gives credit providers a more holistic understanding of your credit history to make a more informed assessment of your ability to repay a loan.

Information such as RHI on your credit report may be considered when assessing your application. To help avoid missing a repayment, you may wish to set up a direct debit via AutoPay. Learn how to setup Autopay here.

Which credit reporting bodies do Unloan use?

We share your CCR information with Experian, who share it with the other two reporting bodies – Equifax and Illion.  

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