How we manage security

As a provider of financial services, we recognise how important it is to help protect user privacy and security.

Our security philosophy

Central to Unloan's development philosophy is the mantra of "safe, sound, secure".

We design security into everything we build. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) constantly monitors for indicators of compromise, and is ready to respond in the event of an incident. And we treat resolution of security vulnerabilities and incidents as a critical priority.

As part of a broader risk management framework, we also ensure compliance with relevant regulatory standards such as APRA CPS 234, the CORIE framework, and the Consumer Data Right.

Reporting security issues

Please report any security issues you find in Unloan's website, applications or systems to [email protected]. Anyone can send email to this address. It will be read by the Unloan security team, who will co-ordinate resolution of any reported security issues.